Know thy self!


There is so much that we claim to know

Too many riddles we think we can fathom

Where did the earth come from? We know it

Who made us? That too we are sure of

Where is the road to success; well a few of us do see it

What are the most important questions in life?

Are there answers for these?

Well we can be subjective on it but it is part of our knowledge

We know a bit too much or at least most of us think so

But do you know yourself?

Do you have any idea about that person who carries you name?

Have you even met them leave alone sit across the table with them

It seems like a silly question, most of the so called wise men will regard it so

But silly or not I think it is one important question that a man should think of

It is the one treasure of information that a man need gather before the after life

Frankly speaking, I think it is the gate pass to the life to come

When I considered this question,

Went to the mirror to meet me and realized the man on the other side

That imperfect, evil but ambitious man looking straight to my eyes

I lifted my eyes to the cross and saw the one who could give me value

The one who says, I have made you in my likeness

The next time I was looking at the mirror I knew I was looking at someone valuable

Something pleasing to the eye

Because unless that perfect, righteous Christ could give my life some worth

I was just a piece of meat

I know who I am, a valuable, loved son of my FATHER

Know thy self!

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