Only Ye are wise.

My heart is grieved, my mind is troubled in a wonder land.
In the eyes of wisdom I see hope but the glare of the wise shows desperation.
Mankind looks for answers but the wise claim to have them in terms of more questions.
In a school of thought I leave with more questions than answers and my end is miserable as before.
Who will teach me wisdom, from where will I gain understanding?
The children of Eve cry for a teacher, at the height of their voice they seek understanding.
From where will I find aid of wit, where do I find the asylum of knowledge?
The wise tell me the place ain’t there, that I can only create it .
But how can a fool as I am discover wisdom, how can I mould wisdom with my clay of foolishness?
And so I looked above unto the maker of wisdom and identify of folly.
In the eyes of the one who made the fool and the witty and there, as dull as my glimpse is, I find my hope.
In him I can find understanding, from Him springs knowledge and the sea of His wisdom calls a fool, witty and so they become. He as well calls the wisdom of the wise foolish and it so is.
His word is wisdom, only He is wise.

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