Love and Hatred ; character of God?

The two words are greatly confused
At times even interchanged for two extremes
One might say I hate you as much as I love me
Paradoxical maybe, but really that’s it
And so comes the golden rule by Christ
Love thy neighbour as you love you
And pray even for your enemy
But what is the subject matter in these words
How does the Lord view them in regard to us?
When the Lord says that He loves us,
Is it because of what we do or our lineage?
Nay, He loves simply because we are,
Simply being His creation and children, simply as we are ourselves.
Yes being faithful and committed to Him makes Him proud of us like Job but He doesn’t love an yone evil person less compared to the righteous on so to say e
But when it comes to hate, He only dislikes the sin in us, the pride and mistrust we have towards Him,
He will not hate the soul
And that’s why He could readily offer His son to die for He still loved that person even though living in filth of sin
However, He is the ultimate judge and even though He wants us all saved, some out of free will choose defiance and it’s only fair to reunite them with their y father the devil for ever.
Learn from the Lord, love the person for who they are, hate the sin they do but with love be willing to forgive them even as you forgive yourself.
Love the person hate the sin.

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