Hatred does not kill, rather it’s playing God.

Many in our world today would want to know why one drives a sword through another? Why one would torture a soul and watch till it ain’t any more. What drives a man to take a life, what makes him desire to see another breathe not again. Is it survival for the fittest? Is there no enough food or air for us all or is it just selfishness; a desire to fill the universe with ones liking? Probably, this is it, the desire to recreate the world with a creation of ones choice. What else could it be if not the desire to quench a thirst in playing God; sitting on the judgement seat and redefining the value for life? Truly, one who kills must have at first valued the victim’s life and found it wanting. So it ain’t hatred that kills but pride in playing God. For what is hatred anyway if not pride and what is pride if not an undeserving exaltation, simply refuting God and taking His seat of glory. This I think.

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