Death; Oh what a friend!

Death is considered prime in our fearful life,
The end of it all; feared above everything
Many do not even want to contemplate of it,
The word is a taboo to some
But tell me really is death a visitor that would lose their way?
Is she a foreigner , lost in a land unknown ?
Nay, death is a friend who comes when we need her at times but mostly when we would love to ignore her visit .
She loves to reminds us to keep to our toes
She is careful to inform us not to enjoy this place we have visited.
She calls us home only when we feel like we have started to enjoy the travelers lounge
At times we miss her but she wont come,
Other times we forget her but then she won’t live with that.
One thing we are assured of is that some day she will come knocking so do yourself a favour and put your house in order
Have your staff at hand and your cloak on.
Home we soon return and our friend may not be long .
Our father awaits on the other side ; a report we must submit for this journey we undertook
Oh! how near the day draws, how close the friend comes ; how soon the world ends.
But fear not our friend rather the master who sends her; He who kills and throws to hell
He who holds your soul at hand; revere Him
And get ready to return to Him for death is a friend; a visitor we must show hospitality.
Oh! What a friend we have.

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