A reason to breath

Wisdom of the ages teach that only fools prefer learning from their mistakes,

Well I have no intention of branding any one as a fool but I am amazed by the many who prefer so

Perhaps they are only a bit more self-confident; maybe they are a bit more courageous

Beating the odds maybe or they may just be a little proud

Won’t stomach the idea of an old teacher

Whichever the case, the repercussions are only a known stranger

One that appears time and again

Look out into the world and see a people desiring to live for something

See a people ready to die for a worthy course

But is it really worthy, is there anything valuable out there to live for and be hanged for?

This question has lingered in the minds of many a wise men through time

I will consider one man who particularly showed a bit of interest in it

He not only considered it in mind but took a lifetime journey in this endeavor

I am talking about Solomon, perhaps the most intelligent, rich king on the face of the earth

Unfortunately, he came to a rather unacceptable conclusion by many

Life was meaningless, a chasing after the wind

At the thought of that one may almost takes a dive into the sea or a rope around the neck

It would seem wise, probably the best thing to do in this wretched place we call home

But He never stopped there; yes he did come even to a better ultimatum

Life is meaningless; true but there is hope for man

There is but only one duty for man, a thing to live for and be ready to die

This he shared; to fear God and keep His commandments!

Above this man has no reason to breath, no better job to be proud of

We might feel obliged to disagree with Solomon

Take the journey to discover this on our own

We may be lucky or we might die as we try digging for the truth

But like Solomon, Jesus did add one more reason to live

Because I live so you shall live, he uttered

Beside reasonGod man has no reason to breath

This I have discovered, this I choose to follow

Unlike many, I ain’t ready to lose a lifetime digging through material prosperity

Looking for meaning and purpose for life, someone did the discovery

I will learn to share that precious piece of information as I apply it to me

In Christ alone I have found life, fear of death is gone.

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