Jesus; a rare investor


Man seeks what promises to benefit him

See an abandoned piece of land;

And think of how we can acquire it

Notice a classic vehicle; wish it was all yours

It’s always about what works for you


Material prosperity is the altar of worship

While pride and selfishness are synonymous gods


Unlike us Christ finds a people abandoned and sees an opportunity

Not to gain power or glory; but invest His love

He sees a people broken and abandoned

And turns not to leave but opens His hands wide

He encounters a people dying with the guilty of sin;

Meets a nation blasphemous before His Father

And chooses to lay down His life for them


An investor will seek power, wealth or personal pride

Jesus only seeks a heart to bestow His love upon

Indeed, He is a rare investor!

Is atheism a foolish standing?


There are about four components of life that can’t exist without God

Four of which we would be denied upon disbelieving in God

At least rationally speaking


First is love, God makes it clear not that He is loving

But He is love,

Talk of love and you have to beg God for permission


Think about justice, our courts try their best

But not even a 1000 years’ imprisonment,

Or even the hanging of criminal

Will offer the plaintiff some justice


Ask the victims of the Holocaust,

The mother of a murdered child

And pain remains fresh as the wound of injustice ooze with blood

Only God can offer true justice to the living and the dead


The third contestant is life

Jesus says He is life, the very breath you thrive on

Any argument about the value or meaning of life;

Will always point you to God; it’s simply inevitable


Lastly, we see truth

We are all looking for the truth

We can argue on the preference; absolutely or relatively

But before we can go a mile, Christ reminds us; He is the truth

And not only the truth but even the path to that truth that is Him


It is like every side a skeptic turns, they hit a dead end

And so it is; unless you live without the four;

Love, justice, truth and without life

Then a position against God is invalid

As the bible says, it is a foolish standing


Reciprocating love is the mother of free will!


God in His omnipotence would do everything

Indeed, all that there is speaks of this

And it was possible to create perfect humans


Sin would never be the problem of man

Like angels in heaven, songs of praise would abound on earth

But why didn’t he?

Why make a possibility of frailty

Why with all such power would he create such weak beings?

And place them in the realm of the king of evil; that old devil


He certainly knew they would be deceived

Falling into sin was quite probable

Yet, He took the risk

You know why?


You may not like this but it is simply because of love

God is love and He knows that for true love to thrive,

And for man to truly embrace this love,

He simply needed to do it freely


Choice was inevitable

And with choice, anything can happen

They say absolute power corrupts,

But absolute freedom endangers the soul

And danger is what followed when choice was exercised


Wickedness is the byproduct of freedom

But the Lord knew, the true product would still thrive

The fruit of righteousness; when our choices embrace His love


You may be tempted to disagree with Him for this

But as a stream won’t rise above the source (C, S Lewis)

You have no grounds to argue with the author of your reasoning


Count yourself lucky, that a perfect God falls in love with you

You should be proud that such perfection would embrace weakness


Reciprocating love is mother of free will

And man is free to reciprocate it or not.

But God remains to be a perfect loving Father

Without Him love does not exist for He is love


Guard your eye; preserve a heart


Much has been said about the heart of man

The wickedness within has been exposed

And our moral teachers are never hesitant to remind us of this

A pure heart is extoled; an evil one is abhorred


Today I also want to let you in

Through a small opening that you can’t see through

But one that records what the entire world holds

Not in books or journals

But secretly in reserved annals of the heart


Contained in the chambers of the mind

You will see a great store of information in a soul,

Through the small capillaries the eye sends content

Deep within the heart, data is stored


In blink of an eye, the heart gathers information

With a wink, the mind paints the image

And within a second, a masterpiece;

Unconceivable by modern artists and architects results

And the end of that man can only be worse


Guard you heart above all things

But even more specifically, guard your sight

Carry a cover if you have to,

Make a hinged door if need be

And allow not the eye to wander where it need take off


If you close the alfresco, the inside is safe

Do you want to guard your heart?

See only what you must

And look only where you should


Your mind will not shut the thought away

Your heart will not abort evil schemes

If the door to the heart loses the hinges

To close when need arises.

Guard your eye; preserve your heart


Evidence is not enough


If there were but only enough evidence

A pinch of weight to the direction of deity

If only science would write in support of religion

And philosophy argued for the case of God

Atheists proclaim, maybe one would believe


But I am startled with all the evidence available

Is it that they are not aware of it?

Is it even possible not to see all the proof presented?

Wouldn’t it take a blind person?

In mind, heart and soul to miss all the testimonies made in support of deity?


It is impossible to understand these skeptics

But as one of them proclaims in their creed;

You can do anything with evidence

Including dismissing it


And so am convinced;

Disbelieve in God

As a stand and decision of choice

Has nothing to do with evidence

Like committing murder, rape or stealing

Atheism takes a moral standing rather than a rational one


And so I will answer Bertrand Russell of this age

It is not about the evidence

It is all about choice


And Atheism just like Christianity

Thrives upon the faith in one’s choice

Faith is established not upon evidence

But upon one’s inclination to believe

And with faith, evidence can always be gathered


How did you spend the day dear son?


Well, today was one of those days

Started with optimism, great expectations I heard

The morning bird did get late today

Nevertheless, we managed to kick the blanket


Up and down, usual business wasn’t as usual

Time did seem to drag feet at some time

But when the flag was off, the day was gone

Dusk was soon rushing in and the rush hour was on

The day was over


I must say there was that tendency to get it done

Be in control and let everything fall to plan

It’s frustrating how my will competes with yours

How my business tends to by-pass yours

While at the same time awaiting your miracle

Hide under your grace

And expecting the abundance of your blessing


Give me yet another day Lord

And tomorrow I will do better

This I keep saying but luckily you are ever patient

I am amazed how you can tolerate this earthen piece of clay

But if I invest in your wonders, I may never get off the hook

Too many are your wonders, like the sand of the sea

And I just happen to be one more


Tomorrow I will wait

With deep conviction, a chance to trust you more

With a will to know your glory

And a determination to be more loving to my neighbor

I will face the day


I do not know how it will be

I might as well fail to be on your business

And such I would regret

But I am glad you are giving me another chance

Another day to try your love

Thank you Lord



I see with the eyes of the heart

The condition of the chambers within

A broken spirit, a yearning will

My soul yearns for redemption

Who will come to my salvation?


By night I cry and by day I whine with remorse

I am broken, the shattered nature within is soon to be seen

Though I desperately desire to do good

In pride my heart disappoints me

And I am worried to see me for who I am


The images of my mind frighten me

And the imagination of my guilt haunts me

By day my thoughts are inclined to doing well

But by night I find my soul drawn to sin

What a wretched heart I have

One I desire to jerk out


I am too proud to forgive this heart in me

I desire mine was a plant that would wither

Probably I would plant a new seed by season

But now I see with a new sight

The forgiveness rendered to my pride


Now I see but a reflection of that filthy heart

When I look by the eyes of Christ in me

I see but a perfect being

A spoilt heart made well by the blood of Jesus


I am righteous, not by deed or thought

Neither by nature or composition

But through the grace that killed the Son

The grace by which I am justified

To be called the son of the Most High

With a new eye, now I see


Know thy self!


There is so much that we claim to know

Too many riddles we think we can fathom

Where did the earth come from? We know it

Who made us? That too we are sure of

Where is the road to success; well a few of us do see it

What are the most important questions in life?

Are there answers for these?

Well we can be subjective on it but it is part of our knowledge

We know a bit too much or at least most of us think so

But do you know yourself?

Do you have any idea about that person who carries you name?

Have you even met them leave alone sit across the table with them

It seems like a silly question, most of the so called wise men will regard it so

But silly or not I think it is one important question that a man should think of

It is the one treasure of information that a man need gather before the after life

Frankly speaking, I think it is the gate pass to the life to come

When I considered this question,

Went to the mirror to meet me and realized the man on the other side

That imperfect, evil but ambitious man looking straight to my eyes

I lifted my eyes to the cross and saw the one who could give me value

The one who says, I have made you in my likeness

The next time I was looking at the mirror I knew I was looking at someone valuable

Something pleasing to the eye

Because unless that perfect, righteous Christ could give my life some worth

I was just a piece of meat

I know who I am, a valuable, loved son of my FATHER

Know thy self!

Love, Oh what a myth among the proud!

images love

What would I give to signify the yearning from within?

What price won’t one be willing to pay just but their heart to be read open?

Which kind of flowers do you send to show how much you value it?

Lyrics we choose to echo the sound in the heart

By poetry the image within is painted

And by art the picture is drawn

Love, oh what a priceless commodity!

Not bought by gold, not earned by might

But among the lowly, amidst the most humble of hearts this relic is found

How paradoxical, that within clay jars is packaged tons of gold

Kings and slaves seek it

It is not found by pity, it can be hidden by mercy

But humility exposes it

Love, Oh what a myth among the proud!

Hatred does not kill, rather it’s playing God.

Many in our world today would want to know why one drives a sword through another? Why one would torture a soul and watch till it ain’t any more. What drives a man to take a life, what makes him desire to see another breathe not again. Is it survival for the fittest? Is there no enough food or air for us all or is it just selfishness; a desire to fill the universe with ones liking? Probably, this is it, the desire to recreate the world with a creation of ones choice. What else could it be if not the desire to quench a thirst in playing God; sitting on the judgement seat and redefining the value for life? Truly, one who kills must have at first valued the victim’s life and found it wanting. So it ain’t hatred that kills but pride in playing God. For what is hatred anyway if not pride and what is pride if not an undeserving exaltation, simply refuting God and taking His seat of glory. This I think.