My worth is in thee

God is good

When I consider your majesty oh Lord, how tiny a being I feel

When I take but a fading glare at your wisdom, I see how foolish I am

When I consider your holiness, I wonder if I am not the filthiest being alive

If I contemplate on your justice, surely the grave is but a reward for me

All power is shaken at the imagination of your might

But when I hear you say how much you love me

Then I pity myself even the more

How can I ever deserve such love?

Perhaps it would be okay if you hated me for so I deserve

But nay, even though I am the most imperfect being in your creation

Your love for me never glows less, not now and never was

Your omnipresence betrays my wickedness

But your closeness restores my consciousness

And your love heals my depravity

By justice hell is my home but by your mercy pardoned I am

Your grace has justified me and your forgiveness made me worthy

I am alive, worthwhile and important simply because you have made me so

My worth is in thee and my allegiance is thine forever.

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