If salvation was only a gate pass to heaven…

death bed
the gate a far

Glory, beauty, fun, excellence, honor and legacy are perhaps the most desired among the adjectives in our dreams. Perhaps even why Marxist coined the phrase; live to the fullest. And so comes the question, am I willing to abandon all that for Christ? Isn’t he robbing me of my right to enjoyment? Whilst that question remains rhetoric, truth is that we all have to answer it, at least at some time in time if we have not already considered it. When Christ calls us to follow him, it seems okay, in any case who doesn’t want a ride with such legacy. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing between him and our friends, family, wealth and honor, when we have to choose between him and our desires, our life; resistance crops and hesitant one becomes. Yet this is the truth, that our Lord ain’t against our joy, or our happiness, otherwise what would we say then of these words; I have come that you may have life ad have it in abundance. Problem is at times we see not beyond the nose length, we ain’t patient enough to discover where our true joy is. And no wonder He exclaims, “My people perish due to lack of wisdom.” Christ offers not only a life on earth but even a future in eternity. And so Pascal understanding the fullness of life in Him says, If a man be in error in supposing the truth in Christianity, he would lose nothing but how terrible it would be for he who believes not only for the truth in it to dawn on them. Truth is that salvation is not just a gate pass to heaven but an entry to eternal joy in fellowship with one who defines true happiness, joy and life. If salvation was only a gate pass to heaven then the death bed would be the only pulpit.

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