I need God, do you?

need God
I am not sure i know myself for every day i discover something new within me.
If i said i am just, i wonder if evil wouldn’t file a case against me. If I called my self good, i wonder if morality would stamp that. If I claim to love, i wonder if i really know that term. If i said am compassionate i am not afraid of the testimony of the weak but that of my heart. In the end i cannot tell who i am or what i am doing here. But there is hope for me, i have learnt there is a hole in a human’s heart, a desire of self realization which only God can fill. And yes today i know, as a man evil is harbored in my heart by nature and only God can transform me to good. And so I need God to be merciful, I need God to show love, i need God to be just, i need God to be good. Yes i need God to know and be me as he desires.

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