Why do we say No?

When I listen to the voice of men seeking for justice, when I hear women crave for love. When I see children cry for affection. When I see the youth search for a fulfillment the world knows nothing about. When I consider philosophy argumentation on the question of the highest good. When skeptics argue about the origin and need for morality. All I see is a clamor for a perfect world, a better place. We all agree that at matters constant this world is unsatisfactory by nature to us. Some of us choose to live with that, others seek to find a better life within us, still others seek perfection outside us. How we respond to this isn’t the biggest question but the end of it all. Man would rather choose his own path to reach this world, to come face to face with perfection yet he knows so well that perfection is no close to imperfection. God as the creator of that perfect world offers a helping hand literally speaking but what does He get in response; Don’t worry I can find my way. In that case friends are we to blame Him for the aftermath when we realize we are lost? Yet our Father is ever loving and merciful. You can submit to Him and let Him lead you in the discovery or you can just walk alone aware that the forest path contain dangerous angry lions. Why we say no to His call can only be out of blindness, naivety and stubbornness.light

One thought on “Why do we say No?

  1. It is out of our blindness which we choose to remain in for He still offers to make us see but we choose to remain in darkness for there we love lest when we come into the light we be exposed…


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