The most Faithful

More than the rising of the sun, above its surety to set. More than the coming of day and the eve of darkness, the Lord’s faithfulness is more of an assurance. Heaven and earth will pass away but His words will surely be fulfilled. We may not trust a man, even we fail ourselves but the Lord cannot help it other than be true to His word, be faithful even at the wake of our unfaithfulness. If you are looking for a weakness of this Almighty King then end the search;faithfulness it is. If I have only a glimpse understanding of my Father, if I speak so much about Him, maybe His faithfulness is all I know. Paul was not afraid to live neither to die for Himfaith because of this; His faithfulness, an assurance never to leave him. If I am sure of anything in this world that is full uncertainities and deception then the Lord’s faithfulness to do what He has promised is my only escape. The Lord’s faithfulness is more true, more likely to happen than my next breath. We can be so sure about His faithfulness more than our lying down and waking up, more than the wind, the air we breath and the light of day. My hope, my faith, my life is founded on the only one true God; the most faithful.

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