Only when good is good!

Many times I hear people say so and so is a good person. John is such a good fellow, Jane isn’t that good. Funny enough even after two decades in the school of life I aim yet to understand that word good. I almost come to the conclusion that goodness is a creation of mankind and is used when it befits them. But do we have a standard of goodness? Is there a good that is not only generally acceptable but also binding. Is there someone that the entire world in the observance of the laid down standard would call good. Would that be a king, a martyr, a philanthropist, humanitarian, a woman, a man or a child? I know you most likely have made a choice above but are you sure your choice ain’t grounded by a law you have created and judged the rest. More involving, how sure are your that the standard you have used is the best and do you even qualify to do so. If you ask me there is only one instant where goodness is really good. This you wiGod is goodll find mostly in the bible when God speaks. For instance in Genesis 1 … God saw that the light was good. Now that good befits the definition of good because the standard of goodness calls it so. Just like holiness; good only makes sense when God calls it so- The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” Hence today if God calls us the righteous through Christ it is because the standard giver qualifies us to that and it has nothing to do with human opinion. Only God calls good and it is good.

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