Today I will share no wisdom, i will impart no knowledge as many would rather do.
I will speak of foolishness, i will share of what in a fool’s eye looks so foolish.
The world is full of knowledge, wisdom establishes kingdoms and the wise reign. Foolishness on the other hand is a power, intellect to the less wise, an enemy to good. Tell me friends how foolish it can be to hate pleasure, how foolish it is to ignore fame. So foolish it is that family one neglects, a society one quits to join the outcast. What foolishness is this that a mansion one leaves to settle on the streets, sleeping among the scoundrels. A person of no class, no honor, no reputation, an enemy of the people. This foolishness is so indiscreet that fools hate its association. But as I said, foolishness too is sagacious among the worst of fools. A power, a course to live for, an end to die for. Ancient fools ask,images how sure are we that the lie we see in dreams is not worth more the light of day. Which life is justifiable, that which fools dream of and live for or that which we are cultured to? But the best of fools know that the light of day is better than sanity in darkness. I am a fool and I know it. Wisdom I have neglected, knowledge I abandoned if only to sail deeper in this foolishness. For in this world the gospel is foolishness to them that are perishing. Take care lest I infect you with this foolishness because that is my plan. Forever a fool, in the light of wisdom. A wisdom not of this world.


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