Campaign to replace God.

The seat of God, the throne of the most high faces a contest. Many in the world directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly are trying to campaign for this seat. When atheists refute the existence of God in real sense they refute His seating there. Otherwise the throne establishment is irrefutable. Agnostics may not be sure whether God sits on that seat but they do feel someone needs to sit in it and somehow the Christian God they ain’t sure is that person. Let me point out, however, with or without authority that the seat of God is taken. Maybe no election was done to validity the occupier’s authority, probably it wasn’t a democratic exercise. Democrats may not approve of it but one thing is for sure the seat exists and God sits on it. More importantly, He is not considering retirement or replacement and so the campaign against Him is only absurd.

Only when good is good!

Many times I hear people say so and so is a good person. John is such a good fellow, Jane isn’t that good. Funny enough even after two decades in the school of life I aim yet to understand that word good. I almost come to the conclusion that goodness is a creation of mankind and is used when it befits them. But do we have a standard of goodness? Is there a good that is not only generally acceptable but also binding. Is there someone that the entire world in the observance of the laid down standard would call good. Would that be a king, a martyr, a philanthropist, humanitarian, a woman, a man or a child? I know you most likely have made a choice above but are you sure your choice ain’t grounded by a law you have created and judged the rest. More involving, how sure are your that the standard you have used is the best and do you even qualify to do so. If you ask me there is only one instant where goodness is really good. This you wiGod is goodll find mostly in the bible when God speaks. For instance in Genesis 1 … God saw that the light was good. Now that good befits the definition of good because the standard of goodness calls it so. Just like holiness; good only makes sense when God calls it so- The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” Hence today if God calls us the righteous through Christ it is because the standard giver qualifies us to that and it has nothing to do with human opinion. Only God calls good and it is good.

God’s existence is not man opinionated.

The unity of theism and atheism is established in one person – God. Theist spend a lifetime to defend his existence and so do atheist in refuting it. Both of the people are convinced more not by philosophical revelations but by their ordinary lives. An atheist is promoted at work and he sees his hard work and so he asks which god is behind this if not me. When the same happens to a theist he realizes that many had the qualification but specifically him was chosen , it must be God’s working. An atheist’s child is sick at hospital, he is desperate almost submitting to the gods but then the child is healed and he praises the doctors. A theist on the other hand retreats to prayer and a miracle he sees and thanks God. An atheist loses a loved one, he is bitter, angry with the gods he doesn’t believe exist. A theist is also angry, broken but he finds comfort in the Lord by the knowledge all works for good. If you look at the lives of these two, you find extremes and stating who lives is the best life is subjective. But one thing is for sure, if that God, atheist refute of his being exists and theists knows it then their way of life is valid. Atheists will say, so what if he exists but forget that if he does, his actions are beyond us and his being is not limited by our inclination to opinions. If he chooses to bless us it ain’opiniont because we are the best but because he wants to. We can refute theism, we can look down up theists but as concerns God’s existence and his authority; our opinions do not matter.

The most Faithful

More than the rising of the sun, above its surety to set. More than the coming of day and the eve of darkness, the Lord’s faithfulness is more of an assurance. Heaven and earth will pass away but His words will surely be fulfilled. We may not trust a man, even we fail ourselves but the Lord cannot help it other than be true to His word, be faithful even at the wake of our unfaithfulness. If you are looking for a weakness of this Almighty King then end the search;faithfulness it is. If I have only a glimpse understanding of my Father, if I speak so much about Him, maybe His faithfulness is all I know. Paul was not afraid to live neither to die for Himfaith because of this; His faithfulness, an assurance never to leave him. If I am sure of anything in this world that is full uncertainities and deception then the Lord’s faithfulness to do what He has promised is my only escape. The Lord’s faithfulness is more true, more likely to happen than my next breath. We can be so sure about His faithfulness more than our lying down and waking up, more than the wind, the air we breath and the light of day. My hope, my faith, my life is founded on the only one true God; the most faithful.

Why do we say No?

When I listen to the voice of men seeking for justice, when I hear women crave for love. When I see children cry for affection. When I see the youth search for a fulfillment the world knows nothing about. When I consider philosophy argumentation on the question of the highest good. When skeptics argue about the origin and need for morality. All I see is a clamor for a perfect world, a better place. We all agree that at matters constant this world is unsatisfactory by nature to us. Some of us choose to live with that, others seek to find a better life within us, still others seek perfection outside us. How we respond to this isn’t the biggest question but the end of it all. Man would rather choose his own path to reach this world, to come face to face with perfection yet he knows so well that perfection is no close to imperfection. God as the creator of that perfect world offers a helping hand literally speaking but what does He get in response; Don’t worry I can find my way. In that case friends are we to blame Him for the aftermath when we realize we are lost? Yet our Father is ever loving and merciful. You can submit to Him and let Him lead you in the discovery or you can just walk alone aware that the forest path contain dangerous angry lions. Why we say no to His call can only be out of blindness, naivety and stubbornness.light


Today I will share no wisdom, i will impart no knowledge as many would rather do.
I will speak of foolishness, i will share of what in a fool’s eye looks so foolish.
The world is full of knowledge, wisdom establishes kingdoms and the wise reign. Foolishness on the other hand is a power, intellect to the less wise, an enemy to good. Tell me friends how foolish it can be to hate pleasure, how foolish it is to ignore fame. So foolish it is that family one neglects, a society one quits to join the outcast. What foolishness is this that a mansion one leaves to settle on the streets, sleeping among the scoundrels. A person of no class, no honor, no reputation, an enemy of the people. This foolishness is so indiscreet that fools hate its association. But as I said, foolishness too is sagacious among the worst of fools. A power, a course to live for, an end to die for. Ancient fools ask,images how sure are we that the lie we see in dreams is not worth more the light of day. Which life is justifiable, that which fools dream of and live for or that which we are cultured to? But the best of fools know that the light of day is better than sanity in darkness. I am a fool and I know it. Wisdom I have neglected, knowledge I abandoned if only to sail deeper in this foolishness. For in this world the gospel is foolishness to them that are perishing. Take care lest I infect you with this foolishness because that is my plan. Forever a fool, in the light of wisdom. A wisdom not of this world.