Days run, mornings hurry to usher in  impatient afternoons and nights can’t wait for dawn.
A race with circuitous course, an end at the
Things never change,  nothing new under the sun but the reality of a fading today.
Tomorrow calls,  attention it seeks; a priority to rule our clock if only for a day. Tomorrow soon retires,  a newer tomorrow takes over to out live yesterday. What changes?
Surely not the clock,  no day is stronger or weaker yet man remain not unchanged.
Not a longer day is needed neither a crowd of such to speak for the future.  Today speaks for itself and tomorrow echoes it’s voice.
The heart of man listens ad judge the voices.
Good and bad is conveyed and the ear sieves the dirt; character is developed.  A man imerge for man is no bottle with a liquid of no choice;  subject of information ad choice.
What we see is but a factory of reason ad decisions.  No more time is needed to define a man, if today he doesn’t find himself, tomorrow he will be lost. Who are you, when will you find you?…I am a son of God, I found myself when Jesus found me.

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