Without God???

There are times I look at my life; think of my past, contemplate of tomorrow. A cloud of confusion fills my mind. Its like a huge fog ahead. Like a cold chilly morning, a dull day that miscarries the light at dawn. The sun hides from the face of the earth. Behind the clouds it finds a safe haven. I look all around me and its like i live in a vacuum. I try to peep out of the window but no one seems to care. The world turns its back on me. I want to run, run and never look back. Death offers a bus but no driver is willing to take the job. I turn to friends but they are either climbing a different mountain or do not understand me at all. I wait for dawn but tomorrow is corrupted by yesterday. I don’t know what to do. Who will i turn to? But wait, maybe all is not lost. A voice i can hear, faint but consistent. I turn to look but am alone in the house. Again I listen, this time it sounds like my mind is conversing with me. Like someone in there desires a meeting. Son, am here, they exclaim. I have and will always be with you, they assure. Even to the end of the age, He emphasizes. Now, you can face tomorrow. You can fight with today because you ain’t alone. I am God, the warrior of your battles. What can I say, I want to live as long as He is with me. I have a reason:  to live, to fight, to care, to love, to serve. Thank you mighty warrior!.

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