“When I grow up I want to be a child “

“When I grow up I want to be a child ”
As a young boy I envied my older folks, I wanted to be able to own a car , live in a big mansion, live happily ever after.  Every time my mum caned me I wished I were bigger, she would have known my anger or maybe she would never have dared touch me. When I was bullied in school,  I prayed if only I was much older and a lesson I would teach. In my academic ladder I believed only time stood in my way to greatness. I eagerly waited for the days to run but they seemed so slow, I had to push them to walk. I wanted to go to the university,  get the best grade in the best course; an entry to the American dream. Good career,  big mansion,  beautiful wife, adorable children ; a millionaire wouldn’t fit as my  identity. Unfortunately though fortunately my dreams started to die as Christ took the better of me. In my small mind kept ringing the words “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world ad lose his soul.” Even philosophy would remind me that wealth, fame, power ad pleasure equates not to the greatest good. I was challenged,  my dreams were shattered, I wondered what life really meant after all. A great Marxism i heard: no one should  live until they get a reason to die. The still small voice again; “Go sell everything, give it to the poor come follow me; I gave up my life for,  will you give up yours?..”. It took me time to say yes, but once I did so I realized saying yes was only the easiest part. The journey was longer, the path was narrower,  my adversaries were more. But what would I lose, I am dead anyway ad I no longer live . On this path I have learnt one thing; to seek, to toil so hard only to be a child and please my master. There is no other way to bring glory to Him other than to be conformed to the likeness of the lowly, those ignored, those whose say means nothing, those who only have obligations but no rights, those who believe their DAD is the greatest person on the face of the universe,  those who know if the Father is around, I shall never want. I want to be like the least of one of them. As I grow old I only seek to be younger;  when I grow up I want to be a child.

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