I am convinced that if life is all about the pursuance of hedonism and materialism then we are no better off than animals. If our life’s greatest motivation is to have a family, own a few plots, have a respected position, a good job, beautiful wife, a loving family ad die at a good old age then we are no better off. A lion leads a kingdom, sleeps soundly, has beautiful “wives” and elegant cubs ad dies of age. Life must provide a better reason of existence otherwise, Darwin’s trace of our ancestry may hold some water. We must have a better purpose to own minds other than simply make life easier. We must have a better reason of authority other than being a superior species. Life must have an end result and so a first cause. All reasons that point to a higher power, the moulder of our destiny. In whom we can only find our true purpose of existence. THERE IS A GOD, otherwise i exist only to die.

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