Should God give the desire of our heart?

Psalms 37:4 is perhaps the most quoted verse by many a Christian.  In a moment I thought,  should we be so eager to see this happen?  Do we seek to stop and ask if it really is God’s  desire? We know that as in Rom 8:28 God has the best of interest for us.
Even though we may not always appreciate this for sure only He can boast of absolute knowledge . Think for instance,  the prayer of Jesus on the cross, the first part:  “Lord if possible this cup be removed” .At that instance that would be the desire of everyone in such a situation but is its fulfillment the best that God should do? Clearly the second part of the prayer ” let your will be done “and the response by God says contrary. Hence , I have realized and I stand corrected that even as we are quick to have our desires fulfilled and this ain’t wrong  let’s seek first the will of God because in any case He has the best recipe,  the best map, the best compass, the best plan for our life. Just a reflection.  Blessings!

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