Days run, mornings hurry to usher in  impatient afternoons and nights can’t wait for dawn.
A race with circuitous course, an end at the
Things never change,  nothing new under the sun but the reality of a fading today.
Tomorrow calls,  attention it seeks; a priority to rule our clock if only for a day. Tomorrow soon retires,  a newer tomorrow takes over to out live yesterday. What changes?
Surely not the clock,  no day is stronger or weaker yet man remain not unchanged.
Not a longer day is needed neither a crowd of such to speak for the future.  Today speaks for itself and tomorrow echoes it’s voice.
The heart of man listens ad judge the voices.
Good and bad is conveyed and the ear sieves the dirt; character is developed.  A man imerge for man is no bottle with a liquid of no choice;  subject of information ad choice.
What we see is but a factory of reason ad decisions.  No more time is needed to define a man, if today he doesn’t find himself, tomorrow he will be lost. Who are you, when will you find you?…I am a son of God, I found myself when Jesus found me.

Who says He is non existent?

In my mind i picture a crucible full of emptiness of purpose. A crucible of glass tightened with a cork ad full of many insects with only enough air to support the more competitive. They crawl up ad down. Those at the top are considered to be living  the best life, they call it heaven there ad the cork is the limit. Those at the bottom are weak, poor, hopeless, a stumbling block to the strong ad  no wonder they want them dead. The rule of the jungle reigns ad no one insect is allowed to stay up there for long, there is continued movement in this prison. The insects up there want to step out for adventure but for those down there; its for freedom. Now, the crucible has an owner ad on his palm it rests.
The crucible is transparent ad those who want to see the owner can or at least all with eyes do. Now the maker constantly opens the cork ad  choose to move some insects up while he brings others down there- call it his game. What the insects think of the owner is subjective. He is there ad nothing can change that. There is a problem, there air ad the light there is fading away. Soon there will be no life in the crucible, actually the owner intends to make it fall. The height at which the insect will be will at will matter no more but their life will all depend on the owner. The one who breathed life into the crucible. Now that’s our crucible ad purpose is with the owner.Meditate!.

My testimony

I will not speak for the church, lemme not talk of my
family, allow me not to mention the case of my friends. I
will speak for me but wait who am I, guess nothing to say
for myself. Therefore, lemme speak of my Redeemer, let
me talk of my Savior, let my lips magnify their creator.
Let my voice make a testimony: I was young, maybe still I
am but I will talk for the aged, the young i will forget not.
I had dreams, they called them delusions, they were my
fantasies but today its my reality. My prayers as a young
boy seemed nonsensical maybe today sense acquired a
new identity. I still pray, I am a dreamer, maybe delusions
crowd my mind but from the testimony of history then its
only time before my dreams become a reality. Why am I
so sure, why do I guarantee it. Simple, the one I have my
trust in never changes. His promises are yes and Amen.
He is my greatest treasure, my secret in life but my
proclamation, my living testimony. I love you LORD.
Don’t you?.

Without God???

There are times I look at my life; think of my past, contemplate of tomorrow. A cloud of confusion fills my mind. Its like a huge fog ahead. Like a cold chilly morning, a dull day that miscarries the light at dawn. The sun hides from the face of the earth. Behind the clouds it finds a safe haven. I look all around me and its like i live in a vacuum. I try to peep out of the window but no one seems to care. The world turns its back on me. I want to run, run and never look back. Death offers a bus but no driver is willing to take the job. I turn to friends but they are either climbing a different mountain or do not understand me at all. I wait for dawn but tomorrow is corrupted by yesterday. I don’t know what to do. Who will i turn to? But wait, maybe all is not lost. A voice i can hear, faint but consistent. I turn to look but am alone in the house. Again I listen, this time it sounds like my mind is conversing with me. Like someone in there desires a meeting. Son, am here, they exclaim. I have and will always be with you, they assure. Even to the end of the age, He emphasizes. Now, you can face tomorrow. You can fight with today because you ain’t alone. I am God, the warrior of your battles. What can I say, I want to live as long as He is with me. I have a reason:  to live, to fight, to care, to love, to serve. Thank you mighty warrior!.


I am convinced that if life is all about the pursuance of hedonism and materialism then we are no better off than animals. If our life’s greatest motivation is to have a family, own a few plots, have a respected position, a good job, beautiful wife, a loving family ad die at a good old age then we are no better off. A lion leads a kingdom, sleeps soundly, has beautiful “wives” and elegant cubs ad dies of age. Life must provide a better reason of existence otherwise, Darwin’s trace of our ancestry may hold some water. We must have a better purpose to own minds other than simply make life easier. We must have a better reason of authority other than being a superior species. Life must have an end result and so a first cause. All reasons that point to a higher power, the moulder of our destiny. In whom we can only find our true purpose of existence. THERE IS A GOD, otherwise i exist only to die.

God exists

Until you search through the universe, across the expanse of waters above and below, in the space through the air, underneath the earth, through all the planets, to the moon, the sun and beneath every star, even before the heavenly realms then a claim that there is no God will never be valid. It’s easier to believe in God than otherwise because everything points to Him and nothing but rebellion supports the contrary.

Should God give the desire of our heart?

Psalms 37:4 is perhaps the most quoted verse by many a Christian.  In a moment I thought,  should we be so eager to see this happen?  Do we seek to stop and ask if it really is God’s  desire? We know that as in Rom 8:28 God has the best of interest for us.
Even though we may not always appreciate this for sure only He can boast of absolute knowledge . Think for instance,  the prayer of Jesus on the cross, the first part:  “Lord if possible this cup be removed” .At that instance that would be the desire of everyone in such a situation but is its fulfillment the best that God should do? Clearly the second part of the prayer ” let your will be done “and the response by God says contrary. Hence , I have realized and I stand corrected that even as we are quick to have our desires fulfilled and this ain’t wrong  let’s seek first the will of God because in any case He has the best recipe,  the best map, the best compass, the best plan for our life. Just a reflection.  Blessings!


When I close my eyes a desire within me manifests, a yearning to run and dance the song of birds beyond the horizon we see. A song only the angels know . In  dreams and visions I stroll a land beyond imagination. A place of beauty, glory, splendour perceived only in  ecstasy. At the gates I wait to enter by the doors that lead through the springs to  quench my yearning.  From the source springs life the gardener nourishes the land. At the heart of the land  he sitteth.  A light glows from him and the land is illuminated.  The choir of saints standeth by day and proclaims till evening praises to the  moulder of destiny;  the inventor of all that was, the designer of time, the songwriter of all melodies . At his feet I seek to bow in worship for in my heart He  commandeth to down my knees in His presence. At dawn I will rise , by dusk I will be found honoring His name till the day comes. Then I shall enter through the gates and walk on the golden paths. I have a dream to be a citizen of this nation , the land of the living.

“When I grow up I want to be a child “

“When I grow up I want to be a child ”
As a young boy I envied my older folks, I wanted to be able to own a car , live in a big mansion, live happily ever after.  Every time my mum caned me I wished I were bigger, she would have known my anger or maybe she would never have dared touch me. When I was bullied in school,  I prayed if only I was much older and a lesson I would teach. In my academic ladder I believed only time stood in my way to greatness. I eagerly waited for the days to run but they seemed so slow, I had to push them to walk. I wanted to go to the university,  get the best grade in the best course; an entry to the American dream. Good career,  big mansion,  beautiful wife, adorable children ; a millionaire wouldn’t fit as my  identity. Unfortunately though fortunately my dreams started to die as Christ took the better of me. In my small mind kept ringing the words “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world ad lose his soul.” Even philosophy would remind me that wealth, fame, power ad pleasure equates not to the greatest good. I was challenged,  my dreams were shattered, I wondered what life really meant after all. A great Marxism i heard: no one should  live until they get a reason to die. The still small voice again; “Go sell everything, give it to the poor come follow me; I gave up my life for,  will you give up yours?..”. It took me time to say yes, but once I did so I realized saying yes was only the easiest part. The journey was longer, the path was narrower,  my adversaries were more. But what would I lose, I am dead anyway ad I no longer live . On this path I have learnt one thing; to seek, to toil so hard only to be a child and please my master. There is no other way to bring glory to Him other than to be conformed to the likeness of the lowly, those ignored, those whose say means nothing, those who only have obligations but no rights, those who believe their DAD is the greatest person on the face of the universe,  those who know if the Father is around, I shall never want. I want to be like the least of one of them. As I grow old I only seek to be younger;  when I grow up I want to be a child.